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Aug 6, 2018

Foil size guidelines


In skiing if you go into a ski shop and tell them your height/weight, ski experience, type of skiing, etc they could tell you a recommended ski length/ width for you . I’d be interested in seeing something like that for sup foiling.

Me: beginner sup foiler, weight 150, type of foiling, Columbia river downwinders. foil size range??


I already purchased gear but feel I may be a little under powered on my Blue Planet easyfoiler large foil (1750cm2)

Im seeing mostly Maliko 200 out on the river right now but did anyone learn on something smaller?



New Posts
  • edgardo
    Apr 8

    Hi there, I am 50 years old, veteran surfer, 75 kg riding a 8,5x29 SB prosurf, go to surfing spots 4/5 times a year. no waves here in Buenos Aires city. I would like to start with sup foiling and I would like to know which would be the minimum conditions for downwind that allow this practice, wind, wind-waves, other? We use to have some south west winds some times that seems to be promising. Please I need advice on which board to buy, I may have Starboard, JP, Fanatic and may some other within local dealers. 1) 7,4 STARBOARD HYPERNUT 4 IN 1 2) 6,6X30 STARBOARD HYPERFOIL - FOIL DEDICATED 3) jp slate OR foil slate 4) which wings would you recommend?????? little budget thank you!!!