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Review: KeNalu IWA 775 Hydrofoil: First Impressions

We hope you enjoy this sneak peak of our initial test session with the KeNalu IWA 775. KeNalu jumped into the surf/SUP hydrofoil world in a big way with these new hydrofoils. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one for testing.

KeNalu has always been one of our favorite manufacturers. They produce the carbon fiber SUP paddles we tend to use most often for surf/SUP foiling and SUP racing.

The new foils arrived hot off the assembly line and believe me, these are sexy hydrofoils. We received the combo with both wing sizes which appear to be well suited for covering most surf and SUP foiling conditions. The KeNalu IWA arrived well packaged and undamaged, with two wings, and a really nice case for travel. The smaller wing, called the 580 is 1084 cm2 and has an aspect ratio of 3.3. The larger wing, which we demo in this video, is called the 775 and is 1496 cm 2 and has an aspect ratio of 4.14. They are the among best looking wings we have seen, made of stunning 100% pre preg carbon.

We were really impressed with this hydrofoil. It lifts quickly and effortlessly which will make catching waves easy. There was no wind here on the day of initial testing so we went wakefoiling behind a jetski. The foil has a great surf feel to it. Compared to other large foils we have used it felt more nimble and playful, yet still provided great lift and a predictable stability under foot. It even proved to provide enough lift and speed to allow us to surf our diminutive jet-ski wake with more ease than we have experienced with other foils. The flight characteristics of this foil have us itching to get it out in some swells. Almost ready for primetime, they will be shipping out soon.

We are stoked for this new offering from KeNalu. Follow us here to get a full review after we have spent more time enjoying the IWA. #FoilBuzz