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Foil Life: Hydrofoil Surfing the Sternwheeler: Never Ending Waves

Hydrofoils have completely changed our perspectives on what constitutes a long ride surfing. Previously unrideable waves can now be surfed from the moment they manifest to their last foamy breaths as they dissipate near shore. Never ending foil rides are all over the web and continue to astound and inspire us daily. We think this example of the never ending wave is really special. A short 15 minute drive from our home town is Cascade Locks, OR. It is a special place where the massive Columbia river is pinched between towering volcanic cliffs covered in Mosses, ferns, and evergreens. If you can get yourself on the water on a calm summer day when the sternwheeler is running, magic is possible. The boat kicks off a series of giant, buttery-smooth, hydraulic waves which are perfect for foil surfing. There are at least a dozen surf-worthy waves in series behind the boat stretched out over several hundred yards. We hope you enjoy this video. If you are in town and are interested in trying this, hit us up and we can drop you the Beta. We want to ensure that surfers respect the Sternwheeler and follow Oregon laws to preserve access to this great resource. #FoilBuzz