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Review: Starboard Hypernut Foil Board Gear Review.

We have been busy testing out every board we can get our hands on this winter and the Starboard Hypernut has

become a new favorite for us. This week mother nature graced us with a few unusual downwind days. With gust to 60 mph, the swells were massive and angry on the Columbia River, and for some reason we had the place all to ourselves. We put the Starboard Hypernut to work, paired with the Go Foil Kai and the Maliko 200. The Hypernut was up to the task and really impressed us. Read on for our full review.

Board Tested: Starboard Hypernut

Rod Parmenter, carving on the Hypernut.   Photo Richard Hallman


For 2018 Starboard offers the Hypernut in a range of sizes and specifications with a board option for every rider size and skill level. 8'0" x 31.5" Hypernut: Starboard says "Ideal for heavier riders, the longer length increases glide and stability to catch waves easily and get up and foiling early."

7'4" x 30 "Hypernut 106 Liter. Starboard says "Combines short length for precise trim control of the foil with stability from the wide tail and width."

6'10" x 26.5" Hypernut: Starboard says"Shortest length makes it ultra-responsive and easier to maneuver for lighter weight and higher skilled riders."

7’4″ x 30″ Hypernut 4 in 1. Board allows SUP surfing, Foil Surfing, Windsurfing and Foil Windsurfing all with a single board.

It looks like we will also see an inflatable Hypernut option soon which would be a cool option for travel. Spec is listed as 7'4" x 30" 174 L with both fin boxes for surfing and a deep Tuttle for foiling. We are really curious to see if an inflatable foil board is ready for prime time.

As always, we are trying to get our hands on a few more sizes and options.

Smoke on the water, Photo:  Richard Hallman


The starboard hyper nut has a unique shape with a blunt nose and tail which retain width along the length of the board. This shape allows riders to use a relatively short board and still retain adequate buoyancy, stability and speed. The so called "NUT" rails are designed for fast acceleration and tight turning. The boards come with a deep Tuttle box, the same box used by Go Foil hydrofoils, and also come with a quad fin set up for surfing without a foil. The bottom is mono-concave feeding through to a channel tail. There is plenty of rocker up front to prevent pearling, Starboard's "Pro" rocker along the center for tight turning and the tail is relatively flat for speed.

Construction Materials:

Starboard offers the Hypernut in three construction options. Each size is available in Starboard's Starlight construction which is a durable, and economical option (don't read cheap, this is still a high quality board) which will likely be the sweat spot for most riders. For those who demand the best, the Carbon Balsa Construction shaves some pounds off the board. This build comes at a premium price, but for those who can afford the best, the weight reduction can make a real difference in the handling of a foil board, especially when pumping to connect swells. Lastly an inflatable option is on the horizon.

Boards come complete with foot straps, leash, fins, and a Tuttle box plug for use when not foiling.

Test conditions:

Downwind SUP foiling at The Hatchery, Columbia River Gorge. February 2018. Water and air temps in the low 40's, and winds ranging from 25-60 mph. Board was paired with Go Foil IWA and Maliko 200. Board was also surfed at Pacific City on the Oregon Coast in January 2018, in waist high waves, paired with Go Foil Iwa.

Starboard Hypernut, Go Foil Maliko.  Photo:  Richard Hallman

Ride Impressions:

We were really impressed with the Hypernut. In our experience "do it all" boards typically don't do anything very well. The Hypernut is an exception to this rule. It can be used with or without a foil for SUP, surfing, and even windsurfing. Surprisingly in downwind SUP foil conditions, the board felt like it was designed with the solo intention of being a SUP foil board.

The board nails the delicate balance required of all foil boards. It provides enough stability, bouyancy, and speed to catch waves, but once it's flying it feels compact and light. The rail design easily releases from the water on brief touchdowns. The hyper nut feels longer than it is in the water and accelerates rapidly for a short board. It also tracks better than some of its competitors likely due to the relatively straight rails and the channel tail.

We believe the 7'4" will be a great option for the vast majority of riders. Coupled with a Go Foil Maliko 200, it turns downwind days into a magic carpet ride. We have not had a chance to ride the 6'10" but for advanced or smaller riders, that size is appealing. The more experience we gain foiling, the more we gravitate towards the smallest boards we can handle. We like that there is also a large option for learning. We believe it is much easier to spend some days early on in the learning curve riding a big board. At 8'0" x 31" you may outgrow this board. But having a large board to learn on can make that first season of foiling a lot more fun. With all of the foiling newbies out there you wont have any trouble selling this board when you are ready to downsize.

Rod Parmenter on the Hypernut.  Photo Richard Hallman


1299$ Inflatable

1599$ Starlite

3099$ Carbon


Great range of sizes/construction options.

Extremely versatile


We love the deep Tuttle and are huge fans of Go Foil products but some users will want a pedestal mount

Rod Parmenter connecting bumps on the Hypernut.   Photo Richard Hallman

Overall Impression:

The Starboard Hypernut is a blast to ride. It handled very well in the tough conditions we put it through. With a range of construction options and a great range of sizes there is a Hypernut out there for everyone. As an added benefit you can still rip on this board without a foil.

Buy: If you want to purchase a Hypernut, call up our pal TJ Gulizia at BigWinds.1-888-509-4210

He is the best in the business and will take great care of you.

Special thanks to Dan Gavere for loaning us the board and to Richard Hallman for the great photos.

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