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Flat Water Pump with a Dock Start

I was inspired watching the young guys from Oahu beach start earlier this summer. And since then there have been many other great videos of people doing dock starts, etc. I tried a handful of times over the summer and failed.

It's the end or our wind season in The Gorge and after a two week period without much wind I decided to put more effort into it. I'm guessing I did 30 attempts on a GoFoil Maliko 200 with minimal success. It was starting to get dark and it was raining and I felt ok with my process but I wanted more so I put on my GoFoil Maliko 280 and after three falls I could tell I was close.

I hopped on the 4th attempt on the big foil and had a ride 5x longer and I ended that evening on a high. Keep in mind I put in a lot of effort last Fall with the bungee and jet ski just to get some pump training going. The next day I invited a bunch of fiends to try it and they got this video of me.