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GoFoil Carbon Adapter Hood River Foil Pump Track

"Until recently I was using an aluminum plate adapter and it worked great until I wanted to take it off, fortune for me my friend Bill Babcock used him oversized brain and plethora of tools to remove the adapter. I was warned that aluminum can carbon can bond and in this case after several attempts to get it off myself I was concerned about damaging the adapter or worse the Tuttle head. Bill welded together a tool to get the adapter off and all parts worked again but I didn't want to take a chance of that happening again so I got the GoFoil Carbon Adapter. The carbon is also lighter than the previous adapter I have, It is available on the GoFoil website for $175.00.

Steve Olsen made a quick cameo at the Foil Pump Track the day after Thanksgiving. Kris Emery, Steve and I all wanted to try to pump up on the foil with the paddle but it wasn't in the cards for us so we went back to the bungee and some dock step offs.